Located on the Murray River in the historic riverside town of Mannum, the new playspace at Mary Ann Reserve, SA features a custom-designed play boat replica inspired by the first paddle steamer launched on the Murray River in 1853, the ‘Mary Ann’.

Site: Mary Ann Reserve,  17 River Lane, Mannum, South Australia 5238
Client: Mid Murray Council
Age Range: from 1 year
Opened: September 2020

The design of the new playspace at Mary Ann Reserve features a bespoke Proludic play boat inspired by the paddle steamers that once plied their trade on this “river highway”. 

Mary Ann Reserve Playground
Bespoke play boat inspired by paddle steamers

Overlooking the riverside reserve, the Proludic custom boat “Mannum” fosters imaginative role play and encourages children from 3 years old to be physically active and have fun. Play elements designed to test children’s motor skills include a climbing net and climbing wall which provide a challenge to get to the upper deck.

There children can role play steering the boat from the Captain’s Cabin, enjoy a ‘cruise’ on the Murray River or slip down the slide to set off on a new adventure.

The lower deck,  accessible at ground level, includes a river-themed play panel and provides younger children with opportunities for group or quiet play.

Other play equipment in the playground includes:

  • Double-bay swing set with standard flat seat, toddler’s seat and grey Pod Swing: the swing set enables children of different ages the joy of swinging together, flying through the air!
  • Two Inclusive Trampolines with heavy duty mat (R34-ETP-500) give all children the opportunity to experience the joy and fun of bouncing;
  • Sand Play: the Sand Digger (J5014), Sand Sieve (J123) and Sand Table (J120) allow children of all ages to enjoy the wonderful and timeless sensory activity of playing with sand, whilst developing hand-eye coordination and social skills;
  • Nature play and sensory elements: the balancing trails that form the Origin’ Balancing Beam (J4903), Origin’ Plank Walkway (J4906) and Timber balance beams help children develop their physical and motor skills, coordination and concentration. The Timber balance beams feature etchings of riverside creatures that will delight children and ignite their imagination!

Bench seats allow resting points for carers where they can enjoy views of the river, and an accessible path ensures access to the play activities.

Our sustainably sourced, robust and recyclable materials ensure a durable playground perfectly suited to Australian conditions. 

Mary Ann Reserve Playground
Mary Ann Reserve Playground

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