Proludic has developed ACTI’FUN, a strategy to overcome most of the barriers that dissuade people from taking part in sports by emphasising the fun, pleasure and wellbeing that outdoor fitness activities can bring.

Proludic designs inclusive and mixed-gender sports & fitness areas that cater for every generation.

They promote or help maintain an active lifestyle, regardless of the user’s age, abilities, level and objectives. Proludic’s designs also help develop motor skills while maximising fun in an outdoor environment that is openly available at all times.

Proludic also provides a wide selection of complementary and modular equipment to accommodate different site layouts.

A harmonious choice of products is the key to an intelligently thought-out sports area that will blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment. Sports & fitness areas are naturally installed near a playground.

ACTI’FUN is the playful way to move and feel good!
With different ranges of fun-sport equipment, ACTI’ FUN encourages access to multi-generational, mixed and inclusive outdoor leisure activities.

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