Designing dynamic playspaces is easier when you have an experienced play specialist on your team

Whether you’re creating a playspace for a local suburban park or for a significant regional playground, the challenge is to understand the complexities of Australian safety standards and create a well-designed playground that children love and meets your client’s brief.

Some landscape architects and designers choose to create their own bespoke designs. This can stretch resources, especially when working with a tight budget and pressing deadlines. That’s why Australian landscape architects partner with Proludic Australia to help bring their vision to life.

Why work with us?

It takes time to learn how to make a great playground. With more than 30 years in the industry, we have the expertise and deep understanding of child development, play, inclusive design, multi-generational play, and landscape design, to help landscape architects create unique and exciting playspaces.
With a program of continuous design development, we launch new playground equipment products every year. Our aim is to add real value to your playspace projects. specifications and tendering, documentation, right through to construction, installation and maintenance, we offer more than just ‘swings and slides’.
When you choose Proludic, not only do you get original and imaginative designs, we’ll help you design your playspace – for no extra fee.

Supporting your playspace project from start to finish

Our experienced team are qualified landscape architects, designers and construction professionals who really understand your needs. They’ll work with you on some or all aspects of your playspace project. From design specifications and tendering, documentation, right through to construction, installation and maintenance, we offer more than just ‘swings and slides’.
When you specify Proludic products, it’s all part of the service.

We know Australian playground design standards ‘inside-out’

Designing for safety means knowing the ins and outs of play equipment standards.
We’ll help you navigate the complexities of Australian playground design standards to create safer playgrounds for all ages and abilities.

Proludic’s original designs are a perfect fit for Australian playspaces

As a design-led company, we offer an extensive range of innovative and nature-themed designs, where each product range tells a story.
Five of our product ranges have even received Good Design Awards (awarded by Good Design Australia). If you’d like to incorporate the work of local artists into your play equipment design, you’ll find our Grafic Games technique produces a great result.
Of course, if you’re after something different, we have the ability to custom design and manufacture bespoke equipment that meets your unique vision.
Whether you choose from our themed, natural, urban or inclusive ranges, our play and recreational equipment, or use our custom service, our designs are original and 100% suited to the Australian environment.

Case studies of projects created with landscape architects

Adventure Tower artwork by artist Lucy Lucy, VIC

We champion inclusive design

At Proludic, we think everybody should be able to play. That means inclusive design and multi-generational play. We’ve always created play equipment and playspaces that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy.
Our dedication to inclusive playground design led us to create and share resources like our Inclusive Play Areas Guide, the first of its kind in Australia.

Play and sports equipment that’s innovative, sustainable and durable

Collaborating with Proludic means you can fulfil your brief, knowing that the play and recreational equipment you choose is resilient, safe and sustainably produced.

  • Proludic has a long-term commitment to client service, supporting projects for their full life cycle.
  • Our play and recreational equipment are easy to maintain, durable, and made using environmentally-sound production processes (all our products are ISO14001 compliant for quality and environmental processes).
  • We offer ready access to stock and spare parts, on-time, professional delivery and installation, and industry-leading warranties.

Passmore Reserve, NSW

Proludic is not ‘just another play equipment company’

A well-designed playground inspires families to return again and again as their children develop and grow. Working with us means not having to start ‘from scratch’. We’ve collaborated with many of Australia’s leading landscape architects and architects – in both private practice and in government. We’ve helped to create innovative playspaces for public parks, schools, hospitals, residential developments and holiday parks.
So, whether you’re looking to specify play equipment for your design or to create a multigenerational, inclusive or bespoke playspace, we’ll help you meet your design brief.

More inspiring playspace projects

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