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To meet the challenge of making our cities and neighbourhoods more appealing, landscape architects and designers provide their clients with original design solutions that will add value to their communities. These projects aim to balance or harmoniously blend buildings and green spaces to ensure a pleasant living environment for residents and encourage enjoyable living as a community.
Each design is part of an overall approach that takes into account aesthetic, cultural, environmental and civic issues.

Recreational areas play a central role in urban development projects, whether they are being created or rehabilitated. They have evolved from their initial purpose as an area for fun to become a hub of social activity where all generations can interact, which in turn increases the appeal and liveliness of a community.
Play and sport areas are places for recreation, sharing and well-being that bring together active and contemplative audiences, as well as those who appreciate the aesthetic creativity of the designs.

For architects, the play area can also embrace strategies for animating private spaces for public use that are dedicated to leisure, such as shopping centres or holiday parks.

Proludic have a design-led philosophy, each of our product ranges tells a story – from themed to natural, urban to inclusive. We have a wide variety of equipment to cater for all playground needs. If you’re after something a little different, we also offer a bespoke service where we can create something unique and special.

Proludic creates beautiful play experiences

The play and sports areas that are part of urban development projects reflect the intentions of the landscape architects and designers who are in charge of the project.
Proludic works with project managers, either on the entire project or in support, providing them with Proludic’s 30 years of proven expertise and ability to understand and interpret its client’s vision.
Proludic’s teams then draw up the commercial proposal to respond to the invitation to tender and, depending on the solution chosen, either independently apply for a specific part of a public contract, or do it in partnership with the architect or landscape designer, if the creation of the play or sport area is fully integrated into the client’s overall project.

Case studies of projects created with landscape architects

Riverside Adventure Park, VIC

Proludic, your expert partner

Proludic makes the client’s project a reality by leveraging all its knowledge and experience in terms of design, engineering, materials, manufacturing and installation as well as standards and regulations.
Each project is unique calls for solutions that are perfectly aligned with the most demanding specifications. This requires listening, creativity, a cross-disciplinary approach, and must respect the site that will be developed. Each play area development project is compatible with landscape, environmental and urban planning studies and diagnostics that are incorporated at the client’s request.
Projects also draw on Proludic’s extensive expertise in child development, play, disability and inclusion.

Proludic brings your dreams to life…

Creativity is our company’s strength. No project is just a dream…
Designing play areas in a different way, thinking “outside the box” and pushing the concept a little further in order to create unique, original spaces informs the creative approach of Proludic’s designers and technical experts. They all work with rigour and boldness to carry out all types of bespoke projects. This guarantees the site’s added value and naturally strengthens architects’ and landscape designers’ signature.

Get inspired to create a wonderful play space:

Proludic, a manufacturer with solid technical expertise

Proludic’s technical teams, organised in ultra-specialist workshops, are experts in specialised manufacturing processes for working with wood, metal and rope, as well as plastics and composite materials.
The flexibility of our production plant, which is fully part of the company, gives us the organisation and adaptability that allows us to manufacture products with a great many variants and can come up with unique, totally personalised structures.
Proludic can help architects and landscape designers give form to their inspiration and manufacture play and sports structures for them.

Proludic’s teams support their clients from start to finish.
In addition to designing, manufacturing and installing the play or sport area, Proludic project-manages each play area project with overall, cross-disciplinary coordination, including installation of games, carrying out layout and landscape integration work, laying safety surfaces, after-sales service, servicing and maintenance.

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