Strict requirements to guarantee user safety

Designers, manufacturers, installation companies and operators are required to comply with a number of regulations governing safety for playground and sports areas.
European standards and national regulations apply to the equipment, installation, surfacing and maintenance of public playgrounds that are designed for individual or collective use.

Proludic is laser-focused on raising the safety bar on its equipment, playgrounds and sports areas. That explains why Proludic satisfies the requirements of all applicable industry standards throughout the value chain, from designing, developing and manufacturing its products through to installing and maintaining its equipment.

  • All Proludic products meet the safety requirements stipulated in French Regulation no. 94-699 of 10 August 1994 on playground equipment safety, as well as EN 1176 for playground equipment and EN 15312 for multi-sports equipment.
  • All Proludic playgrounds and multi-sports areas meet the safety requirements stipulated in French Regulation no. 96-1136 of 18 December 1996 on playground safety, as well as EN 1177 and EN 1176-7.
  • For Australia, all our equipment is independently certified for compliance with AS4685 parts 0-11 by an Australian Structural Engineer.

Equipment tested by an independent quality control laboratory

To reassure its clients that their equipment is completely safe and reliable, all Proludic play equipment is inspected and tested by independent laboratory TÜV, which issues a certificate to confirm that it complies with European standards.
Proludic’s certificates of conformity are available to its clients.