We are committed to setting up and promoting a local network with our customers, our suppliers and the providers with whom we collaborate. This proximity optimizes our production, reduces our carbon footprint and guarantees you facilities adapted to your territory and your needs.

Pillar 3, Proximity and local presence, is guaranteed by 5 indicators:
– Local suppliers,
Local contacts,
Local environment,
Project follow-up,
Recycling through donations.


At our French manufacturing hub, we choose to source our raw materials and services from reliable local suppliers. Not only does this sharpen our delivery deadlines. It also means we optimise our carbon footprint through shorter transportation of materials to the factory.

94% of our suppliers are European

In 80% of cases, our Australian service providers are located less than 75 kilometers from our customers


Being a local player means accompanying and advising you on the creation of suitable and sustainable facilities.

We have set up an optimized regional network to help limit our carbon footprint and guarantee real proximity.

In 90 % of cases, our Australian sales representatives are less than 3 hours from their customers


As playspace experts, we work with you to design and
construct your project to suit its unique local environment. To ensure distinctive and sustainable play and sports areas, we consider the characteristics of each project and its specific needs, site topography, and integration into the landscape.

93% of our projects begin with a preliminary on-site assessment


To ensure the smooth running and quality of your playground and sports area project, an Area Manager representative or a Construction Manager will visit your site during it’s delivery.

95% of sites visited by one of our team during the project


Where there’s opportunity, Proludic invests in the local economy and community associations in need by donating reconditioned materials and equipment.

Proludic donates its materials for circular purposes