Playgrounds are not just the ultimate in fun for children, but a place where they can develop their motor, psychomotor and social skills.

For more than 30 years, Proludic has been focused on giving play areas a deeper sense of meaning and bringing a wide array of benefits to children in addition to just fun and joy. We breathe life into play areas with an innovative and inclusive range of original and theme-based products that are designed to satisfy the needs and expectations of all children, whether infants or teenagers. We create areas that people want to visit over and over again, as well as recreational areas that appeal to people because they procure a sense of fun and well-being.

Proludic designs, manufactures and installs playgrounds that blend seamlessly into the local environment, while addressing spatial considerations and meeting geographical and climate-related constraints.
Whether schools and nurseries, public gardens and parks, campsites, hotels and holiday homes, or novelty venues, Proludic can develop playgrounds for a variety of target markets while fulfilling users’ expectations.

Check out our full selection of equipment and play features for your next outdoor play area. We offer a comprehensive and varied product range with over 1,200 play items, inclusive playground equipment, themes and exclusive customisation technologies.

Multiplay equipment includes modular combinations of various types of play accessories: gangways, slides, climbing nets, climbing walls, sliding poles, etc.

Houses, castles, boats, fire trucks, dinosaurs… each piece of themed equipment invites children to give free rein to their imagination, for the pleasure of young and old alike.

Origin’ is used for trail equipment, multi-play structures and traditional equipment designed using a healthy, living raw material: robinia wood.

Moving equipment is designed to offer thrills and sensations: balancing, swinging, spatial awareness, speed… the opportunities are endless!

Slides, playhouses, swings: these must-have types of traditional playground equipment set the scene for unforgettable play activities, sharing, and imagination.

Nets, climbing walls and ladders, horizontal bars and balance beams… the climbing and balancing equipment is varied and presents different levels of difficulty appropriate to the age and abilities of the users.

Educational and sensory play equipment contains the various activities that increase cognitive and sensory skills in children of all ages.