Robinia, a type of wood with many advantages!

Robinia is a playful wood by nature.
Splinter-free and never too hot even after prolonged exposure to the sun, there is no risk of injury and it provides maximum safety.

Mechanical advantages

Robinia wood is used virtually unfinished – just sanded to make it pleasant to the touch.

It is a highly resistant material.
This makes it ideal for upright elements that must bear heavy loads.

Physical advantages

Known for its longevity and is very resistant to external aggressions (insects, fungi, climatic hazards), it guarantees the durability of the play equipment over time.
Rot-resistant when faced with moisture and stable over time, robinia can be installed in the ground without the need for chemical protection.

Aesthetic advantages

With its curves and round fullness, it naturally lends itself to a pure and playful design.

It is PEFC-certified, which means that it comes from sustainably managed European forests. Proludic’s choice to use this material is aligned with the environmental approach the company has followed for many years.

Robinia is used for the following ranges: