Information about the Owner’s manual

This file, for managers of play areas, can be downloaded from our website.

With your order number and Proludic customer number, you will have access to all of the documentation about your play area. You will need to have these documents in the event of an inspection.

Offering the Owner’s manual online has many advantages: you can choose to print out the document or save an electronic copy, access the date for each order at any time, respect the environment and freely access additional information.

How should this be done?

Under My Account, then Owner’s manual, you can download the installation guides, maintenance files and certificates of conformity for the products you have purchased, as well as other documents that may be useful for your file:

  • Installation certificate
  • Maintenance guide
  • General servicing instructions

Access your Owner’s manual

Enter the order number that appears on your Proludic order confirmation, along with your Proludic customer number.

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