Our goal is to reduce our carbon emissions by concentrating on the activities that make up 80% of our carbon footprint. To do this, we are undertaking steps to control our carbon impact throughout the life cycle of our products.

Pillar 2, taking action against global warming, is guaranteed by 4 indicators:
– Using recycled and recyclable raw materials,
– Waste reduction and recovery,
– Optimising transportation,
– Reducing carbon footprint.


Central to our goal of carbon footprint reduction is our management of raw materials. From the outset,
Proludic’s equipment is designed to include a maximum amount of recycled, bio-sourced, and recyclable raw materials.

75% of our products contain recycled materials
88% contain recyclable materials
75% contain bio-sourced materials


Crucial to our fight against climate change is our active waste reduction and recovery of the waste materials produced during the manufacturing process. Materials like wood panels and cardboard, as well as plastics, metals, paper, and batteries, are all recycled towards this goal. Our team are constantly reviewing our operation to limit the production of waste during the manufacturing process

93% of our production waste is recovered


The Proludic logistics team use their expertise to reduce
packaging, maximise crate filling, and optimise transport methods
. Their goal: to reduce our carbon emissions as much as possible. With careful planning, the team selects the size of our packing boxes to ensure the best fit with product dimensions. For international shipments, we allocate orders to optimise every centimetre of the shipping containers.

Our entire supply chain is optimised


Every year, we carry out a carbon assessment which allows us to pilot actions aimed at reducing our carbon impact.

We prioritize these actions by acting on the items that make up 80% of our carbon footprint.

We’ve achieved a reduction in the carbon impact of our activities

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