For safe and long-lasting playgrounds and sports areas

Playgrounds and sports area operators must carry out effective maintenance in accordance with best practices to keep play areas safe and increase their service life. The various equipment inspections must be conducted in line with the manufacturer’s instructions and at the intervals specified by EN 1176-7.

Proludic offers various servicing and maintenance contracts, with intervals tailored to the site and the expected footfall. Clients can entrust our teams with the responsibility of checking their equipment according to their requirements, carrying out maintenance operations and replacing parts if necessary.

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To provide our clients with even greater support for their servicing needs, we have produced a Maintenance Guide. This document specifies the type of inspection, the maintenance procedures and the servicing intervals for each type of equipment.

In addition to this guide, the after-sales section on this website provides access to the assembly instructions and thereby helps clients identify the parts that may need servicing.