Play and sport areas for everyone’s well-being

Local Governments’ actions must contribute to policies that make their city, department or region more dynamic and attractive. In terms of land-use planning, projects may involve a new location or can be part of a redevelopment or rehabilitation operation in a neighbourhood. It can be a project to improve a park, square or public garden, or to create an educational play area in child care centres or schools, leisure parks, forests, etc.

In this context, the creation of a play or sport area contributes to improving the public space or the public service network.
It is above all a unifying and inclusive place that welcomes everyone, whatever their age, social class or interests, to come and relax, have fun, exercise and share.
It is also a centre of activity that creates added value for the neighbourhood and is a vector of liveliness for the larger area.
With a customised project that is taller, larger, themed or customised, your leisure area can become a signature of your community.

As a key contributor to the public urban landscape and a partner of cities for more than 30 years, Proludic offers its expertise and wide, modular and inclusive range of play and sports areas to public authorities. Each design project receives our personalised approach. Our approach takes into account the economic, geographical and socio-demographic characteristics of the area as well as the client’s goals.

A play and sport area for any environment

Rural area or city, metropolitan area or small town, coastal or mountain area… Proludic can tailor its solution to any type of site.

A space for well-being at any age

Proludic leverages its wealth of experience to create spaces that are tailored to the many types of people who will use them.
Play and sports areas contribute to children’s needs at every stage of their development. They also promote physical activity and reduce public health problems such as obesity in young people and cardiovascular disease in adults.

Focus on play areas designed with local governments

A unique space

Innovation is in our DNA. Proludic is open to specific requests and can develop bespoke designs. Proludic knows how to create many kinds of personalised projects that promote its client’s identity, whether it’s drawing inspiration from the local history, culture, or environment, developing a specific theme, or creating an event with large-scale structures.

Proludic and our clients: partners above all

The company has close relationships with our customers thanks to our regional sales network.
Our technical sales staff provide an exceptional quality of service built on discussion, advice, expertise and support from the very start of the project and throughout its execution.
Their role is to help each client decide on the basis of their design, and their geographical proximity allows them to understand the site to be developed and visit it in person, and even to involve the local residents or future users as needed.
This local approach means we are able to provide relevant advice on the choice of products and how to organise the layout of the space.

As part of our drive to be closer and more attentive to our clients, Proludic enters into a partnership contract with the decision-makers and technical managers of local authorities.
The product quality, from an aesthetic, recreational, technical and regulatory point of view, as well as the effectiveness of our associated services, contribute to this approach in our exchanges.

Client testimonial – Northern Beaches Council – Village Park

Village Park playground, Mona Vale (NSW)

Thank you for providing us with another truly fun playground at Village Park Mona Vale. The service that Proludic offer in terms of design, installation and particularly after care is of a consistently high standard. We value Proludic’s commitment to providing innovative play equipment that is robust in its construction and has a unique design aesthetic that appeals to children and adults alike.

Barbara Stack – Senior Asset Management Officer, Northern Beaches Council

Proludic project-manages each play and sport area project with overall, cross-disciplinary coordination, including installation of games, carrying out layout and landscape integration work, laying safety surfaces, after-sales service, servicing and maintenance. We provide expert operational support whatever the scope of our clients’ projects and their specifications. We carry out all projects in line with the objectives and in accordance with safety requirements.

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