Perched atop a pink mudstone mountain, the Proludic Kanopé Tree Tower majestically soars above Green Gully Reserve. This unique play structure looks every bit at one within the existing eucalyptus tree canopy, and at almost 9 meters above ground level, it has already received “cult status” amongst the locals.

Site: Green Gully Reserve, Keilor Downs, Victoria
Client: Brimbank City Council
Age Range: from 4 years old
Opened: July 2019

Proludic was engaged by Brimbank City Council to provide the main attraction of the new playground at Green Gully Reserve: a landmark play tower with two thrilling slides that integrates into the natural reserve. Our Kanopé Tree Tower (custom J56100) from Proludic’s award-winning Kanopé range of modern, nature-inspired play equipment provided the perfect solution to meet the clients’ design aspirations. The Kanopé Tree Tower works in perfect harmony with the park environment which resembles a giant play garden that has grown out of the rocks and soil, like the giant Gymea Lilys (Doryanthus excelsa) that surround it!

The impressive seven-metre high Kanopé Tree Tower boasts enhanced play features that engage children in fun, imaginative and active play. The adventure starts at the foot of the giant “tree” with a thrilling ascent through the three-dimensional net that appears to have been spun by a giant spider! The Treehouse Huts positioned at each level of the tower provide the ideal place for taking a rest and enjoying stunning views of the surrounding parkland through the Portholes. On reaching the top of the “tree” children are rewarded with an exhilarating ride on the spiral tube slide down to the bottom where they can begin the climbing adventure again!

The Tower also features a Kayak open slide allowing children to experience more speed sensations, a climbing wall and a Fireman’s pole that encourage motor skills development.

Additional elements in the park include Proludic’s Origin’ nature climbing poles (J4905), swings and fitness stations. Native plants and bird sculptures throughout the playground enhance the setting and provide further delight!

For more information about Proludic’s award-winning Kanopé range please click here.