Play and fitness areas to boost the wellbeing of communities

Proludic supports the wellbeing of Australians by creating award-winning, inspiring playgrounds and outdoor fitness areas, and play and outdoor fitness equipment. Established in 1988, we design and build…

  • inclusive play and outdoor fitness areas that can be enjoyed by everyone
  • nature-inspired playspaces that engage children of all ages and abilities in fun and active play
  • themed playspaces that encourage imagination and creativity
  • multigenerational outdoor fitness areas that get every “body” moving

Play and fitness areas become a focal point for thriving communities to meet, relax, get fit and enjoy each other’s company. They help build strong, active communities. Proludic’s unique and expertly designed play and outdoor fitness equipment will help your project stand out.

Why choose Proludic?

We’re playspace specialists — it’s all we do!

Proludic’s designs are based on sound principles and deep knowledge of what children – and their carers – enjoy and need.

In-house expertise & knowledge

Together with Proludic’s landscape architects and construction experts, our play and project consultants bring local knowledge and years of experience in providing community recreation facilities.

We design, construct & install your playspace

As a playspace specialist, we offer a complete service. Our experienced team of professionals is on-hand from the initial design concepts, through to the installation and aftercare services.

Innovative, sustainable & durable designs

Innovation is in our DNA. The creativity of our designers and our quality manufacturing ensure original, durable and sustainable solutions.

An unrelenting focus on safety & compliance

Our design, manufacture and install teams ensure all our playspaces comply with Australian Standards for safety. With generous manufacturing warranties and easy availability of spare parts, we have you covered.

Proludic is built on the core values of innovation, experience, engagement and commitment. These values enable us to provide you with unique, site-specific solutions that enhance the value of your project and contribute to the wellbeing of communities Australia-wide.

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