To further support the design of inclusive and intergenerational playspaces we are partnering with Percussion Play to bring world-class outdoor musical instruments to Australia!

Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart

Pablo Casals

The sounds and vibrations of beautiful music enliven our world and create opportunities for joyful sharing of meaningful moments together. The outdoor musical instruments created by Percussion Play are diverse and accessible to everyone, enhancing any setting. With these high quality outdoor musical instruments that are both “musical” and durable we can help create wonderful outdoor sensory experiences for everyone!

Innovative outdoor music solutions accessible for all

Outdoor musical play equipment offers cognitive, emotional, physical and inclusive play opportunities for everyone, everywhere. Through music, a child can express emotions, develop a sense of rhythm, support their physical development, increase communication skills and benefit from auditory and tactile stimulation. Simple to play, the Percussion Play instruments enable creative experimentation and stimulate the imagination. The instruments are designed to be accessible to all, including those using mobility aids such as wheelchairs.

Intergenerational outdoor musical play – the key to great family connections

Outdoor musical instruments make the ideal addition to any environment aiming to foster the development of intergenerational play, known to improve the physical and psychological wellbeing of the community. With Percussion Play’s pentatonically tuned instruments there is little reliance on musical skill, thereby leaving children, adolescents, adults and seniors able to enter into a non-hierarchical creative environment that facilitates mutual learning and playing, regardless of age or musical ability. Playing outdoor musical instruments with elders can speed up the development of a child’s social and cognitive skills, and help improve their self-esteem. Sharing music is a natural way of spending quality, fun time together with loved ones!

Percussion Play’s collection of outdoor musical instruments

Percussion Play’s collection of outdoor musical instruments represent music-making from many cultures around the world. Their design uses durable, modern materials that won’t sacrifice sound quality.

Inspired By Nature – Inspired by the great outdoors this is a collection of nature-themed botanical outdoor musical instruments. Harmony Bells and Harmony Flowers are the perfect complement to any outdoor area, adding a cheerful splash of colour, enticing people to experiment with sound.

Rainbow Collections – there’s something inherently cheerful about a rainbow that both children and adults enjoy, eliciting a sense of awe and delight. With young children in mind, we recreate this feeling with our range of bright, fresh and vibrant musical instruments, designed to help young minds learn music in a fun and accessible way.

Chimes and Bells – this collection of tuned outdoor musical instruments is designed specifically for outdoor use. A wide variety of styles are available in a range of sizes and sounds. With a high degree of affordance they attract use, bringing life to outdoor space!   

Bringing the fun and ease of playing percussion to the outside world, Percussion Play’s funky interactive instruments delight children and families. Purpose-built to withstand outdoor conditions, the instruments are exciting, engaging, aesthetically pleasing and deliver a superior audio quality.

With Percussion Play Outdoor Musical Instruments always in stock in our Sydney warehouse, we can easily help you add music to your projects!

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