Grafic games

Grafic Games is an award-winning Proludic range that combines our high quality play equipment with graphic art. The range features six different themed finishes – Grafic, Etnik, Océane, Metropolis, Medieval and Amazone – that enhance the playfulness and appeal of the play equipment. A graphic theme can be selected to emphasise the character of a site. Children love discovering the intricate artistic details that inspire stories and adventures in the playground.

In addition, site specific bespoke artwork can be designed (either by Proludic or an artist) and applied to the Proludic play equipment. The whole manufacturing process is carried out by Proludic, ensuring both the quality of the finish and long term durability of the play equipment. The Grafic Games technique provides designers with the opportunity to create unique playground art, and personalised playground solutions for communities. The only limit is the imagination!