The design of the new Queens Gardens Playground is inspired by the natural habitat of the local Bunbury area, from the mangroves and waving shoreline grasses to the open waters, home to Bunbury’s precious dolphins.

Site: Queens Gardens, Cobblestone Drive, Bunbury, Western Australia 6231
Client: City Of Bunbury
Age Range: from 1 year old – inclusive
Opened: December 2019

At Queens Gardens children immerse themselves in an aquatic themed playspace that engages their senses, encourages imaginative and social play activities, and stimulates their development with fun, physical challenges. The selection of inclusive play equipment, the placement of unitary safety surfacing adjacent to accessible play elements, and an accessible pathway provide an inclusive play environment. The colour palette of the playspace is inspired by the natural elements of the site, contributing to a coherent aesthetic and complementing the atmosphere of the local area.

The mangroves and shoreline grasses found nearby are replicated in the playspace with the Kanopé Adventure Trail (J5612) from Proludic’s award-winning, nature-inspired Kanopé range. Children balance along the steppers, climb and clamber in all directions on the various climbing elements, advance through the tunnel and slide to the ground in a circuit of fun activity! 

Adjacent to the Kanopé Adventure Trail, Proludic’s Fishing Boat (custom J1957) invites children to jump aboard with friends and cruise along the open waters as dolphins play alongside them! The Fishing Boat has room for everyone and features numerous play elements designed to develop childrens’ fine and gross motor skills. Imaginative play is stimulated on the upper deck with the steering wheel in the “Captain’s Cabin” and the telescope, with the engine room controls and portholes at ground level.

The Fishing Boat’s sand pulley and bucket can be accessed from both the upper and lower decks and encourages children to play together cooperatively, learning vital social skills. At the same time they can enjoy all the developmental benefits of this wonderful and timeless sensory activityplaying with sand!

The youngest children have their own special place to play in the Elf Playhouse (custom J234), ergonomically designed to meet their specific developmental needs. The play-house, play panels and crawl tunnel provide a fun setting conducive to story-telling, social interaction and role play. Fine and gross motor skills development are stimulated along with cognitive ability.

The playground also features additional inclusive and accessible Proludic play equipment that provides opportunities for all children to interact in a safe, yet stimulating, environment:

  • Each Danny the Dolphin (J822) has room for two children to enjoy swaying together as they dream of joining Bunbury’s famous dolphin visitors!
  • Rowing Boat Springer (J859) is accessible for up to 6 older children who can enjoy the rocking motion together as they travel out to sea;
  • The Inclusive Tournicotti carousel (J2403) has a low platform and supportive handles enabling access and use by children in wheelchairs with transfer skills; spinning slowly or quickly this rotating item provides fantastic sensory and motor stimulation;
  • The Toddler’s Slide (J1069) has wide steps and multiple hand holds, providing stability for younger children to reach the top of the slide and enjoy the ride down.
  • The Inclusive Pod Swing (J441) has a large and accessible pod seat which has room for several children to swing vigorously together; or a child may rock gently, alone or with a friend or carer;
  • The standard Swing Set (J473) includes a toddler cradle seat and junior flat seat, enabling young children of different ages the joy of swinging together, flying through the air!
  • The Sand Sieve (J123) play table enables a host of sensory sand play activities with a sand sieve, shape makers and table surface. All the properties of sand can be easily explored!
  • The beautiful sounds and colours of the Rainbow Harp (R34-FIECOCH) delight children and adults alike. It stimulates the senses of sight, sound and touch and is directly accessible at ground level.

Designed in collaboration with Proludic the project was implemented by Active Discovery, Proludic’s partner in Western Australia. The Queens Gardens inclusive playspace has received very positive feedback from the community and the City of Bunbury.