The brand new playground at Lobethal Bushland Park in Adelaide Hills Council is ready for action! Inspired by the park’s unique natural environment and native wildlife, and designed for a wide range of ages and abilities, the play space has been revitalised after being devastated by a bushfire in December 2019. Featuring play equipment for children aged 2 to 14 years, the playground and surrounding parkland is a beautiful spot that can be enjoyed again by the whole community.
  • Client: Adelaide Hills Council
  • Location: 25 Kenton Valley Rd, Lobethal, SA
  • Year: 2022
Lobethal Bushland Park

Site context and project brief

Lobethal Bushland Park is renowned for its diverse native vegetation, regional views, recreation, picnic areas and natural features and is enjoyed by many visitors each year. As part of the bushfire recovery process, Adelaide Hills Council prepared a masterplan in consultation with the local community to set objectives for the park renewal.

The playground project brief was to design a play space for children aged 2 to 14 years that fosters inclusive opportunities for a wide variety of people, and draws on inspiration from the unique natural environment of Lobethal Bushland Park. The playground was to enable people to connect with the place, with each other and themselves. The design was to be consistent in character and colour, and be aesthetically pleasing.

Our design solution is inspired by the natural surrounds of the park and utilises a strong colour palette of earthy tones to reflect the local bushland context. The play space features an ‘adventure’ senior area for older children, and a junior area dedicated to younger children with inclusive play opportunities. A connecting trail links the senior and junior zones allowing all to engage and connect with the site in meaningful ways.

Adventure nature play space for older children

Lobethal Bushland Park – senior play space

This space features a nature-inspired Kanopé Tower with custom timber-look and grey colours to blend with the park’s surroundings. The tower boasts enhanced play features that engage older children in fun and active play:

  • A challenging rope staircase that leads to the top of the tower where children can enjoy spectacular views of the park and have a special space above the action ;
  • A large spiral tube slide guarantees a thrilling ride all the way back down ;
  • The Kayak open slide, climbing elements, monkey bars and Fireman’s pole encourage motor skills development and add more thrills.

Other playground equipment in this play space includes the exhilarating Hurricane Swing for older children to spin and fly through the air with their friends, and our Pendulum Swing which allows children of different ages to enjoy the fun of swinging together.

Junior play space with inclusive and sensory play activities

Lobethal Bushland Park – junior play space

The junior area of the playground features many activities for younger children that encourage social, physical, cognitive and creative development through play.

  • Our Diabolo Baby Multiplay unit, from Proludic’s award-winning Diabolo Baby range, is designed for very young children from 6 months. The play structure guides children through a sequence of activities which stimulate their motor skills, inspire their imagination, and encourage their social interaction with other people ;
  • A custom play panel features local animals of the Bushland Park environment, specially selected by Council ;
  • Our Inclusive Embankment Slide with custom light grey colours provides children with the fun sensation of sliding together ;
  • Dynamic play equipment includes our custom Kangaroo Springer, Oak- effect Kanopé Swing with classic seat and toddler’s seats, rotating Speed Gyro, the fun stand-up Double Perch seesaw ;
  • A custom embankment net provides climbing and balancing challenges ;
  • Musical play with Percussion Play instruments adds more sensory and social play opportunities for everyone.

The playground includes robust and durable Proludic play equipment of the highest safety and quality standards, that requires minimal maintenance and is made to suit Australian conditions.

Boulders, logs and natural elements complement the playground and create nature play experiences. With a water bubbler, toilets, BBQs and picnic tables, it’s the perfect place for a fun family day out!

Bushland Park was a finalist in the 2022 Parks and Leisure Australia SA/NT Regional Awards of Excellence, in the ‘Park of the Year’ award category. It is a fantastic addition to the local area as part of the Council’s bushfire recovery initiatives. 

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