Ross Reserve welcomes a state-of-the-art all abilities playground set to become a recreation destination for Greater Dandenong. The playground offers an inclusive experience for all, providing a creative play environment for a diverse range of children, youth and adults of all ages, sizes and abilities.

  • Site: Ross Reserve, Memorial Drive, Noble Park, Victoria 3174
  • Client: Greater Dandenong City Council
  • Consultant team: Ethos Urban ; Land Design Partnership (Landscape Architect)
  • Age Range: all ages, all abilities
  • Completion: stage 1 completed in October 2021

Ross Reserve is located in the grass area between Noble Park Aquatic Centre and the Noble Park Community Centre, making it an ideal location for an inclusive and accessible playground. The new playground services the local community, the various disability services located within Noble Park and represents a regional feature for the Greater Dandenong municipality.

Ross Reserve All Abilities Playground

It was important for the playspace to respond to the environment of Noble Park. The environment of ‘Red Gum Ecology’ provides the playground’s overarching landscape character which connects the different play areas. The design also aimed to “broaden the play and recreational opportunities for children of various ages and abilities, from young children to teenage years and beyond.”
The project objectives were as follows:

  • Produce an all abilities playground that provides a local and regional benefit to the community and to support the local disability providers within the Council;
  • Elevate the level of play options to meet the benchmark for district inclusive playground facilities;
  • Provide environmental benefits; and
  • Provide social and health benefits, through the provision of play options expanded to cater for groups often excluded from play opportunities.

Proludic was pleased to collaborate with the City of Greater Dandenong and consultant landscape architect, Land Design Partnership, on the design of the play equipment that we provided including a custom-designed double Kanopé play tower, Inclusive Trampoline, and three embankment slides. 

Inspired by nature, the custom-designed, eight-metre-high double Kanopé Tree Tower stands in front of the Red Gum trees. The play structure, from our award-winning Kanopé range, boasts enhanced play features that engage children in fun, imaginative and active play. With three exciting tube slides at different heights and loads of climbing challenges, the giant tower is a dream for little adventurers.
On the tallest tower the adventure starts at the foot of the giant “tree” with a thrilling ascent through the three-dimensional net that appears to have been spun by a giant spider! On reaching the top of the “tree” Children are rewarded with exhilarating rides on the slides down to the bottom where they can begin their climbing adventure again! A tunnel joins the upper parts of the two towers together, giving adventurous children a further thrill as they “climb through space” to the other side.

The lower tower can be entered directly from the access ramp built within the playground. For those who enjoy more quiet play, a cubby house is integrated at ground level in the smaller tower. The Treehouse Huts positioned at each level of the towers provide the ideal place for taking a rest and enjoying stunning views of the surrounding parkland through the Portholes.

Other Proludic play equipment includes:

  • Proludic Inclusive Trampoline: our award-winning Inclusive Trampoline (R34-ETP-500) gives both able-bodied and disabled children the opportunity to experience the joy and fun of bouncing.
  • Located alongside the accessible ramp structure, the three embankment slides provide different ways of sliding for a variety of sensations. They include the Inclusive Embankment Slide (J1110), Tubular Embankment Slide (custom J1130) and the wavy Kayak Embankment Slide (J1120).

The playground also includes musical play, a flying fox, ‘hamster wheel’, swings, sand and water play, and nature-play elements. The accessible ramp structure that is connected to the double Kanopé Tree Tower, features playful elements located on the outside and underneath such as swings, tunnels, climbing and sliding activities. 

The playground is fully accessible with a circuit concrete path. Amenities including BBQs, shelters, seats and picnic areas contribute to the enjoyment of the whole community.

Ross Reserve All Abilities Playground has been developed by Council in partnership with the Victorian Government, which provided significant funding support for this project through Sport and Recreation Victoria.

Site location: