Broadview Oval Playspace is part of the $15 million redevelopment of Broadview Sports and Recreation Precinct in Prospect, a hub for community recreation, sport and events. The facilities include an inclusive playspace area, fitness area, walking and running track, picnic facilities, a dog park, Cycle Fun Track, public amenities and landscaped open space suitable for casual recreation and events.

Site: McInnes Avenue, Broadview, South Australia, 5083
Client: City of Prospect
Age Range: from 2 years old
Completed: November 2020

The Broadview Oval (Yarnta Tutu yarta) playspace features the first inclusive and accessible playground in the City of Prospect, with a nature play focus. The design incorporates a wide variety of Proludic play and fitness equipment that caters to a wide range of ages and abilities for the whole community to enjoy.

Inclusive Playspace

The Sand Factory attracts children of all ages and provides them with a whole world of sensory exploration encouraging cooperative play, creativity, fine motor skills and coordination of movement. The wide Inclusive Embankment Slide enables the fun sensation of sliding together with a friend. The inclusive Pod Swing with its large and accessible pod seat has room for several children to swing together; or a child may prefer to rock gently, alone or with a friend.

The ingenious design of our award-winning Proludic Inclusive Trampolines (R34-ETP-010 and R34-ETP-500) gives everyone the chance to experience the joy and fun of bouncing. The Inclusive Roundabout provides for motor coordination and sensory stimulation, and encourages social play amongst children of all ages. Both of these play items are wonderfully inclusive, and are accessible to children with disability who use a wheelchair.

The playground also features an Ixo Multiplay for older children and pre-teens who want to be further challenged. Here they can test their strength, prove themselves and make their own play rules. The Aeroskate, from our Dynamic Structures range, is an exhilarating and challenging piece of equipment that requires skill to balance and maintain momentum on the skating platform.

The design of the pathways and areas of accessible safety surfacing was carefully considered to allow for safe and easy access throughout the playspace and to the accessible play equipment.

Fitness area

Adjacent to the playground and overlooking the Oval, the fitness area creates a dynamic, social hub that gives people the opportunity to maintain their physical health. A variety of both static and dynamic equipment is provided, allowing exercisers to undertake both cardio and strength workouts.

Broadview Oval Playspace Fitness equipment
Broadview Oval Fitness area – Vitality Strength Station

The Vitality Strength Station combines a range of activities that allows people to work on their strength, endurance and flexibility – including a rower, suspension bar, chin-up bars, armrests and leg raises. The Urbanix Fitness equipment includes the Abs Bench, Hydraulic Arm Curl, Hydraulic Squat for upper and lower body resistance training. With its patented hydraulic system the Urbanix Fitness equipment can be set in 8 different resistance positions, enabling people of all abilities to exercise at a pace suitable for them and to progress the difficulty as their fitness improves. The Fitness Trail offers a sequence of exercises including Slalom, Leapfrog, Leap Ladder and Balance Beam to work on endurance, speed and coordination whilst having fun.

The Broadview Oval project is a wonderful example of how an open space adjacent to a sporting facility can be designed to increase opportunities for recreational use for the benefit and enjoyment of the whole community.

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