Site:  Bert Payne Reserve, Newport, Northern Beaches NSW (Australia)
Client: Northern Beaches Council
Opened:  December 2016

The project brief was to create an inclusive play area for all children, regardless of their motor, psychomotor and social skills, and provide a wealth of play activities and opportunities for all children, regardless of the different abilities of.

Proludic designed a playground that creates a world of fun for children of all ages and features a wide selection of play equipment, including the inclusive “Recycling Truck“, the first of its kind in Australia. The “Recycling Truck” includes many different activities, such as climbing, sliding and balancing equipment, tactile play features and observation activities. Educational play panels on a recycling theme can be found inside and outside the play equipment. An access ramp and large space inside allow children in wheelchairs to take part. Several access points have also been included to make it easier for carers to assist.

There are many other inclusive items of play equipment in the playground:

The Australian animals play panel developed specifically for the Australian market. Children need to match the animals with their footprints, which are engraved into the panel for easier participation by visually impaired children.

The Chime Solo is a fun way to bring movement and sound together to help develop coordination and focus

– Three sets of swings:  one with standard seats, one with wraparound pod seats to provide support for toddlers and children lacking the necessary muscle tone, and a pod swing with a large supporting surface allowing children to lie down or be seated.

– An Ixo multi-play structure includes opportunities for climbing, sliding, balancing and role-playing. The elevated platform lets children enjoy the feeling of altitude, while the “Speed Slide” offers a completely new way of sliding!

The trampoline is highly popular and a firm favourite among children. With a helping hand from a carer, children in wheelchairs can use the trampoline and enjoy all the bouncing sensations.

 – The Jeep promotes socialisation and encourages children to express their imagination.

Three springers combine motor coordination and sensory stimulation, while encouraging interaction.

The  tubophone gives children a fun way of communicating across the playground.

The picnic table  allows adults and children to rest and interact. The table heights are accessible to wheelchair users.

With accessible pathways, seating, shade and a barbecue, locals now have a wonderful playground!

This inclusive playground means kids of all abilities can play together on the same equipment, reducing any sense of separateness or inequality. A great aspect of this playground is that disability support organisation Northern Beaches Interchange, as well as local parents, have helped us develop it for a diverse range of kids.

Northern Beaches Council Administrator Dick Persson AM

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