WA – Wanangkura Playground Upgrade

City: Port Hedland
Country: Australia

Site: Wanangkura Playground, Hamilton Rd, South Hedland, WA 6721
Client: Town of Port Hedland
Age Range: from 2 years old
Opened: May 2019

This project was provided by our Proludic Western Australia distributor, Active Discovery.

Adjacent to Wanangkura Stadium, the playground was upgraded to improve its accessibility and make it inclusive to children of all ages and abilities. The new playspace incorporates inclusive and accessible Proludic equipment that provides engaging and fun play activities for all children, including rocking, swinging, imaginative and sensory play. The Proludic play equipment includes the following:

  • Kylie the Kangaroo custom Springer: provides great level of sensory and motor stimulation for children from 2 years old.

Kylie the Kangaroo Springer

  • Plane (J2612) with custom RFDS graphics: Proludic’s ‘RFDS’ model Plane was originally designed in collaboration with the Royal Flying Doctor Service for one of the NSW communities the RFDS works with. We have used our award-winning Grafic Games technique to apply custom graphics on the panels of the plane play equipment. The result is a totally personalised model plane dedicated to the RFDS.
Wanangkura Playground

Plane with Royal Flying Doctor Service graphics

  • Jeep (J2614) with custom graphics: Proludic’s Grafic Games technique was also utilised to apply original artworks from a local artist to the Jeep. The finished artistic play equipment connects with the local environment and encourages imaginative and social play.
Wanangkura Playground

Jeep with custom graphics

  • Sensory Flowers (J3418): incorporate visual, tactile and sound play features and are ideal for inclusive playspaces.
Wanangkura Playground

Sensory Flowers

  • Pod Swing (J441): with its large wraparound seat, the Pod Swing is reassuring. Children of all abilities are able to enjoy swinging together, and there is room for an accompanying adult to join in and provide support.
Wanangkura Playground

Pod Swing

  • Rainbow Harp (R34-FIECOCH): the beautiful sounds and colours of the Rainbow Harp delight children. This play item also stimulates the senses of sight, sound and touch and is directly accessible from the ground.
Wanangkura Playground

Rainbow Harp


Other Proludic equipment includes the Tubophone (J3410) which encourages communication and interaction between children, and the Four in a Row Play Panel (R34-FIROW3) which helps with observation, concentration and hand-eye coordination.

Town Mayor Camilo Blanco said “the playground upgrade was part of the Town of Port Hedland’s commitment to renewing community assets.” As well as improving accessibility, the upgrade will also ensure the equipment is fit for purpose, modern and safe for all users.