VIC – St Genevieve Estate Playground

City: Diggers Rest
Country: Australia

Site: St Genevieve, Kipling Circuit, Diggers Rest, Victoria 3427

Client: Rosemont Landscape Design

St Genevieve is a new community located in the semi-rural setting of Diggers Rest. Proludic provided play equipment to this new residential development which includes a large Diabolo+ Multi-Play unit that will challenge children from 4 years old, and an Hexagonal (6-way) Swing set and Tubophones for younger children. 

Play equipment:

  • J38117 Diabolo+ Multi-Play
  • J482 Hexagonal Swing Set
  • J3410 Tubophones (Talk Tubes)


St Genevieve Estate Playground

Diabolo+ Multi-Play

St Genevieve Estate Playground

Hexagonal Swings