SA – Taperoo Reserve Playground and Fitness

City: Taperoo
Country: Australia

Site: Taperoo Reserve, Seabourne Road, Taperoo, South Australia 5017
Client: City of Port Adelaide Enfield
Age Range: Playground from 2 years, Fitness station from 10 years
Complete: April 2019

The Community Park at Taperoo Reserve has been designed to include a playground, outdoor fitness equipment, shade sails, public toilet, pathways and picnic facilities for everyone to enjoy. Proludic provided the play equipment which includes a Diabolo Multiplay (J3836) and the Tightrope Circuit (J16) catering for children aged 2 to 10 years, and the Vitality Stamina Course fitness station (J3700) providing physical exercises to teenagers and adults.

Following feedback from the local community and Soccer Club, the project includes three soccer pitches, clubroom facility, car parking and Community Park aiming to provide more facilities on the Lefevre Peninsula for a sport and community recreation.


Taperoo Reserve

Diabolo Multiplay, Tightrope Circuit

Taperoo Reserve

Vitality Stamina Fitness Course