Anderson Park, Ryde

City: Ryde
Country: Australia

Location: Anderson Park, Ryde NSW 2112.

Client: City of Ryde.

The Proludic “Tug Boat” is the feature item in the Anderson Park playground, located on the banks of the Parramatta River in Ryde. There are pleasant views of the river and the Ryde Bridge from the playground. Anderson Park is one of a network of parks located along the Ryde Riverwalk. Ryde Riverwalk is an 8km long landscaped pathway created along the Parramatta River, that links parks, trails, heritage sites and transport hubs. The playground was designed by the City of Ryde.

Play equipment:

  • The Tug Boat J1951
  • Frankie the Fish J821
  • Danny the Dolphin J822

Anderson Park