Bromley Street Reserve Playground

City: Gosnells, WA
Country: Australia

Location: Bromley Street Reserve, Beckenham, Western Australia
Client: City of Gosnells
Age: 1+ years
Year:  2017

Designed in collaboration with the City of Gosnells, we created a bee themed playspace for Bromley Street Reserve to encourage children to engage in imaginative play, as well as developing an awareness of bees and their fundamental contribution to our planet. Children develop gross motor skills such as balancing on the little trail Tightrope Circuit (J16), coordination skills on the Swings (J484) and social and oral language skills in the Play Hut (J253). Proludic’s custom Buzz Buzz le Bee Multiplay unit is a hive of activity with children climbing the ropes, balancing along the wobbly bridge, peeking out under the bee’s wings to their friends below and sliding down the slide. The honeycomb shapes in the landscape design further enhance the bee theme. It’s the sweetest playspace to ‘bee’!