Port Phillip Specialist School Sensory Play Space

City: Port Phillip, VIC
Country: Australia

Location: Port Phillip Specialist School, Corner of Nott St & Pool St, Port Melbourne Victoria 3207
Client: Port Phillip Specialist School
Age: 2+ years
Year:  2016


The Sensory Play Space at Port Phillip Specialist School includes the following Proludic inclusive and sensory play equipment: a custom Sand Factory, Water Play and the Gardening Workshop.

Sensory play environments are crucial to a child’s development. The handling of water, sand and soil is a great source of sensory experiences. Children enjoy themselves playing with these materials whose properties allow a multitude of experiments. The Sand Factory and Water Play activity offer cooperative play opportunities where all children can play together. Gardening activities help them understand how they can interact with nature and help develop their sense of smell. Children learn about the different stages of plant growth through hands-on learning. Positioned at ground level, these structures are intended for all children and meet the needs of those with any special needs or disabilities.