VIC – Naughton Patch Playspace

City: Blackburn
Country: Australia

Site: Naughton Patch, 46-48 Naughton Grove, Blackburn, Victoria 3130
Client: Whitehorse City Council
Age Range: 2 to 12 year olds
Opened: March 2020

Whitehorse City Council engaged Proludic to undertake the design and construction of the local play space at Naughton Patch. “Naughton Patch is in an environmentally sensitive area of Blackburn therefore the design and construction works needed to be undertaken to ensure this is protected” and to be sympathetic to the overall reserve.

The design brief suggested the use of colour palettes to complement the context and location of the playspace such as neutral green and medium brown tones.  The materials were to be carefully selected to ensure the durability and longevity of the play equipment.  It was also required that the playspace design cater for children aged 2 to 12 years with a focus on younger children, and include many play opportunities for climbing, swinging, rocking, imaginative and spontaneous play.

Proludic met the design requirements by proposing a natural-play themed playspace with a custom Kanopé Multiplay from our award-winning, nature-inspired Kanopé range.  The play equipment enables children to be explorers and fosters interest in the natural environment while developing more skills and confidence through the numerous play elements and obstacles. Most importantly, the play equipment is all about having fun!


Naughton Patch Playspace

Nature-inspired custom Kanopé Multiplay

Naughton Patch Playspace

Nature-inspired custom Kanopé Multiplay – climbing challenges


Other play equipment includes the Balance Slackline (J5406-M) to test children’s balance and encourage perseverance ; the Swing Set (J473) with a toddler cradle seat and junior flat seat, enabling young children of different ages the joy of swinging together ; and the Quatro Springer (J830) that has room for four children to enjoy swaying together.


Naughton Patch Playspace

Slack Line – balancing challenge, Kanopé Multiplay

Naughton Patch Playspace

Swing set, Kanopé Multiplay

Naughton Patch Playspace

Quatro Group Springer