Malvern Central School Playground

City: Malvern, VIC
Country: Australia

Location: Malvern Central School, Victoria 3144
Client: Malvern Central School
Age: 3+  years
Year:  2019


Malvern Central School engaged Proludic to design a new playground that fosters sensory, creative and nature play whilst offering a variety of activities to stimulate motor fuctions including climbing, balancing, hanging and handling. The playground also enables interactions between students who are encouraged to communicate and socialise.

The natural looking wood and the native garden design adds a very rustic and interactive playspace for our young students. The equipment allows students to navigate various heights and climbing sections as well as a lot of opportunity to hang upside down. It is nice to see children play in a creative and less traditional playground.” Comments by Grant Durham, Assistant Principal at Malvern Central School.