Apex Park Playground, Burwood

City: Burwood, VIC
Country: Australia

Location: Apex Park, 4 Faelen Street, Burwood, Victoria 3125
Client: Whitehorse City Council
Age: 2+ years
Year:  2021


The new playground at Apex Park in Burwood has a fun and colourful presence whilst complementing the urban character of the area.

Designed and built by Proludic, the playground provides a wide variety of play opportunities for children from 2 years old including climbing, sliding, balancing, spinning and swinging. The playspace integrates very well in the natural environment of the park and fosters interest in nature play.

The play equipment includes a large Biibox Multiplay structure (custom J45416), Cluby Seesaw (J853), Speed Gyro Carousel (J2400) and swings (custom J441 Basket Swing and J473 with toddler seat and classic seat).

Watch a video of Apex Park Playground: