The Range Reserve, Aston Hills Playground

City: Aston Hills, SA
Country: Australia

Location: The Range Reserve in Aston Hills, Opposite 30 Hampstead Circuit, Mount Barker SA 5251
Client: Lanser Developments
Age: 1+ years
Year: 2022


The Range Reserve in Aston Hills at Mount Barker residential development is home to our first Ka’Yop tree playground in Australia!

Proludic’s Ka’Yop Dynamic tree was selected for the playspace: full of physically challenging activities the structure is designed to engage older children in fun and active play.

The playground also includes a colour-matching Kanopé Swingset, Falling Star group Springer and Inclusive Embankment Slide for younger children’s enjoyment.

Congratulations to Lanser who have contributed to the planting of 25 native trees in Australia by choosing a Ka’Yop Tree for their playspace.

For each Ka’Yop tree installed in a playground we make a donation to Carbon Positive Australia, a registered Australian charity that helps combat the impact of climate change by planting trees and native vegetation to provide a carbon sink, restore the landscape and revive biodiversity.

Learn more about our Ka’Yop enchanted trees