Article published on 26 October 2023

We are back in our Sydney head office after attending the Joint International Congress, a gathering of minds, hosted by World Urban Parks and Parks & Leisure Australia in support of Green Adelaide. In the heart of South Australia’s picturesque city of Adelaide, something remarkable was brewing in the world of parks and leisure. The Joint International Congress brought together professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from across the globe to explore the latest innovations and trends in the field of parks and recreation. With its engaging sessions and interactive exhibits this event was a confluence of ideas, knowledge, collaboration, and most importantly human connection.

Proludic's Marketing Team at the Joint International Congress in Adelaide

A Global Confluence

The Joint International Congress in Adelaide was a testament to the growing importance of parks and leisure in our communities. It brought together an impressive array of international delegates and exhibitors, representing diverse cultures, experiences, and perspectives. With participants hailing from countries as diverse as the United States, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico and Europe, the event created a global platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Themes and Topics

The Congress revolved around a wide array of themes and topics, catering to a broad spectrum of interests within the parks and leisure industry. The diverse range of sessions included:

  • Innovation in Green Spaces: This topic explored how cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices are being integrated into park and recreation management to create eco-friendly and enjoyable environments.
  • Community Engagement: Delegates discussed strategies to foster stronger community engagement, emphasizing the role of parks and recreation in enhancing the quality of life for locals.
  • Health and Well-being: The link between parks, leisure activities, and physical and mental well-being was a significant theme, with a focus on promoting healthy and active lifestyles.
  • Youth and Inclusion: The Congress also addressed the critical need for youth engagement and inclusivity, seeking to make parks and recreation accessible to all demographics.

Networking Opportunities

One of the most significant benefits of attending the Joint International Congress was the networking opportunities it offered. Attendees were able to connect with like-minded individuals from different corners of the world. These interactions not only provided new perspectives but also opened doors for future collaborations and partnerships. The Proludic Team deeply enjoyed forming connections in person. It felt good to have the opportunity to shake hands and smile at a real face.

That’s a wrap

The Joint International Congress hosted by Parks and Leisure Australia in Adelaide was a resounding success, showcasing the global significance of parks and recreation. It not only highlighted the value of green spaces and leisure activities but also emphasized their pivotal role in community well-being and development. As the world continues to urbanize, events like these become increasingly crucial in advocating for and advancing the parks and leisure sector. The Congress in Adelaide has not only sowed the seeds of change but has provided fertile ground for their growth. It was a testament to the power of shared knowledge, collaboration, and passion in creating a brighter, healthier future for communities worldwide.

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