Article published on 3 August 2023

Playspaces are a focal point for thriving communities to meet, relax, get fit and enjoy each other’s company. With more of our population living in higher-density, urban areas, many families rely on public open space for play and recreation.

Though it’s crucial that the specific needs of young children are met in the design of these public open spaces, very few parks provide suitable play equipment for babies and toddlers. Child care centres, kindergartens and creches also require play equipment that is appropriately scaled and designed to support the developmental needs of early childhood.

Play is fundamental to every child’s development, and Diabolo Baby is here to help!

Development through Play

Numerous studies show that it’s through play that children develop their perceptions, intelligence, curiosity, physical skills, and social instincts. The inclusion of play equipment that supports the developmental needs of very young children is crucial.

Ideal play equipment design for the age range of 6 months to 5 years is based on our deep understanding of early childhood development. Babies and toddlers in the playground need age-appropriate, safe play features that inspire fun and learning.

Expert Advice leads to Expertise

Proludic sought support from early childhood experts to create play equipment that caters for the needs of our youngest community members. The core focus was the design of fun, dynamic play activities to support the early development of children. Incorporating sensory play, as well as challenging and stimulating movement activities, while supporting independent and social play.

Did somebody say Good Design Award?!

The ideal play structures for babies and toddlers, Good Design Award-winning Diabolo Baby, was born. Diabolo Baby provides very young children with age-appropriate, safe playspaces that inspire fun and learning. The structures guide children through a sequence of activities which stimulate their motor skills, inspire their imagination, and encourage their social interactions.

Good Design Award winning product

While focusing on the play needs of our youngest children, all items in this range can be easily incorporated into playspaces that target a wide range of age groups and abilities. The use of robust, durable, and sustainable materials that are recyclable, contribute to a more sustainable future.

Child on Diabolo Multi-Play slide
Diabolo Baby Multiplay

Sensory Stimulation

Different play features are especially important and suitable for the development of this age group.  Babies and toddlers learn through sensory experiences. Incorporating play features such as sand and water play, musical play, textured surfaces and play panels will stimulate their senses and support brain development. 

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