Article published on 5 September 2023

At Proludic, we believe that businesses play a big role in safeguarding our planet’s future. It is our responsibility to have a commitment to sustainability, which is reinforced by our initiatives to protect the environment. Here is how we are championing sustainability on our environmental journey.

Over the past few years, we have implemented a work group within the company to build on the foundations of our environmental policy. This group decided to consult an expert firm in the sustainable development field to seek support in the evolution of Proludic’s environmental policy. Together they have identified all existing actions, implemented new actions, and created indicators to steer, measure and provide guidance.

We know that true sustainability goes beyond actions; it requires transparency and accountability. That is why we regularly track, measure, and report the impact of our business on the environment, holding ourselves to the highest standards while inviting scrutiny and collaboration. Now, let’s be transparent and talk all things about Proludic’s actions to create a better environment.

Since 2006, the Proludic Group has held ISO 14001, the industry standard for environmental management systems.

Sustainability – this is how we do it!

Our commitment to sustainability lies in prolonging the lifespan of our play and sports facilities. We achieve this by selecting high-quality recycled and recyclable materials for our products, and ensuring the full extent of their lifetime use with the extended availability of replacement parts across all our product lines.

The consistent goal has been to provide outdoor play and sports solutions that are not only robust designs but endure over time. Since the beginning, our play equipment has been crafted primarily from recycled materials with sustainability in mind. The final units are supported by warranties ranging from 2 to 25 years, emphasising our dedication to quality and durability.

Our play and sports concepts are crafted with a focus on repairability. This approach aims to extend their longevity, ensuring they remain functional for decades to come. According to a global study by Proludic in 2022, a staggering 90% of the outdoor playgrounds we created over 15 years ago still maintain their full functionality.

Longevity and durability reduce waste of resources.

Remember when we repaired things instead of throwing them away?

Can we fix it? Yes, we can! Proludic are the first manufacturer to introduce the concept of a repairability index for playgrounds and sports areas within our industry. Every piece of play equipment manufactured by Proludic is now accompanied by an index that signifies its repairability rating. This valuable information is accessible on the product pages and technical documentation on our website, offering transparency to our customers. The collective average of these scores rests at an impressive 9.12 out of 10. 

Our after-sales service provides spare parts even a decade after the manufacturing date of the equipment.

Proactive against global warming

Recently, we undertook our yearly assessment to identify our current C02 emissions. Now, we are acting on improving those results in areas including design, manufacturing and transportation, as well as our own travel, to minimise our carbon footprint.  

Proludic aims to incorporate a maximum amount of recycled and recyclable materials in our designs. Currently 75% of Proludic’s products contain recycled materials and 88% of the materials used in production are recyclable. Hooray!

We are continuously monitoring and optimising our manufacturing processes to reduce waste production. 93% of production waste is recycled by our team at our manufacturing facility in Vouvray, France.

Since 2015, Proludic has guaranteed that all the wood used in the production of our play and fitness equipment is PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified. The PEFC certification covers the complete supply chain of wood and has very demanding requirements.

The wood sourced for our usage originates from sustainably managed forests, thereby minimising the overexploitation of these valuable resources. Furthermore, wood entails fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to non-renewable materials like steel and concrete.

We love local!

Our French production site focuses on sourcing raw materials from local suppliers, 94% of them are European and 72% of them are in France. Staying local has reduced our carbon footprint even further and our supply chain logistics significantly decreased.

Enough of Europe, let’s bring it back locally to Australia. As playspace experts we work together with our clients to make their design dreams a reality. 93% of these dreams start with a preliminary on-site assessment to learn about the community’s needs, characteristics, and site topography. These specifications will be reflected in the design and project management but also ensure the timely and environmentally friendly delivery of the project.

Our greatest achievement for the environment is a 30% decrease in our C02-emissions from 2009 to 2019 (assessment carried out by Bureau Veritas).

We don’t have commitment issues with sustainability and will continue to do our bit (and a bit more) by delivering more sustainable and eco-responsible play and fitness areas for current and future generations. Spaces where children and adults learn through play, fostering a sense of responsibility for the environment and nurturing a deep connection to the land.

Let’s all sow seeds for a greener future together.

Are you ready to sow your seeds?

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