Article published on 12 October 2023

To create outstanding bespoke designs with the wow-effect, we rely on our strong expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation. With a local in-house design team Proludic is here to help you make your dream projects come true.

Our not-so-secret recipe is the combination of creativity and high standards to create innovative, unique bespoke playground equipment and playground designs for Australian communities. We embrace the opportunity to depart from the norm and collaborate closely with our clients, their concepts, and visions. Custom designed playgrounds and play equipment can enhance user satisfaction and deliver an exclusive experience. Bespoke playgrounds can easily transform into beloved community assets.

“Sky high” towers

Recently the Proludic team provided their specialist expertise and collaborated with Yass Valley Council on the design and construction of the Riverbank Park adventure playspace. Based on the original design by landscape architect Group GSA, our team took the design of the “sky tower” to new heights, literally.

The bespoke play structure features two round sky-high towers. Children have the opportunity to develop their motor skills by climbing, balancing and crawling between the two towers using the ropes, internal steps and suspended rope tunnel- suspended at a dizzying height!


As they climb the towers, children are engaged by the visual effects created by light coming through the perforated panels. They can also look through the panels to enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding parkland, and accompanying adults can easily keep visual contact with the children.

The giant tube slide is a star feature of the playground. The longest slide Proludic has ever installed, it provides a thrilling ride back down to the ground so children can start their climbing adventure all over again. The slide’s windows let in radiant beams of light that make the descent even more exciting.  To add to the sliding fun, the bigger tower also includes a Speed Slide that provides a completely different way of sliding!

The bespoke natural colour scheme of the tower makes it blend beautifully in the natural Australian landscape. Surrounded by parkland and natural play elements like rocks, stepping logs, and native plants, this playspace is the perfect place for adventurous, imaginative play.

Click here to see the Riverbank Park Adventure Playspace case study.

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