I found working with Proludic to be very easy, the company took the time to understand the design brief and the community, and created a concept that would reflect both. The use of Grafic Games to incorporate the local kids’ designs is something that adds a unique flavor to the park. The community is thrilled with the upgrade and the park continues to be highly utilized.
Proludic were always available throughout the design and consultation process, I had direct contact with a consultant on an almost daily basis.
It was clear throughout the presentation that Proludic was passionate about delivering a positive result for the Mooroobool community. The presentation matched the design brief and was overwhelmingly supported by the community.
Council was kept informed throughout the process regarding timelines and the like.
The installation team was excellent and the use of local participants in the work for the dole program not only upskilled some of the area’s residents it also created greater ownership in the park.
Council was very happy with the design and quality of the equipment. It is fair to say that the kids who live around the park are even happier with it. Shang St is one of the highest used local parks in the Cairns Region and it is not unusual to see 40-50 kids playing in there each and every night. The kids love their new playground.

Matt Smith, Leisure Planning and Club Development Officer at Cairns Regional Council

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