Site: Fitzroy Crossing, Fallon Rd, Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia 6765
Client: Shire Of Derby West Kimberley 
Age Range: an inclusive playground for children from 1 year old

Date Opened: July 2018

Fitzroy Crossing is a remote outback town located in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, approximately 2,524 kilometres from Perth. The Shire of Derby/West Kimberley requested a playground inspired by the local region that would help connect children to their environment. They also needed strong and durable play equipment able to withstand the challenges of the extreme climate of the North West of WA. Proludic’s unique playground solution meets all these requirements perfectly and provides a fun and inspiring place for the children to play!

Fitzroy Crossing Playground
Fitzroy Crossing Playground

The playground features a Proludic “Crocodile” and other unique items of play equipment. But is it play equipment or art? We think it’s both! To help strengthen the community’s connection with the playground the local children were invited to prepare artworks inspired by their environment under the mentorship of their elders and teachers. The artworks were prepared by the local community on canvas, and then sent all the way across Australia to Proludic’s head office in Sydney. From here our expertise was employed to convert the original canvas artworks into digital files and superimpose them onto the Proludic “Jeep” and “Rowing Boat” Springer by utilising our award-winning Grafic Games technique. The result is inspiring play equipment that is uniquely connected to the local community and their region. A delightful feature in the artwork on the Jeep is the handprints of the local children involved in its creation!

The main feature of the play area is Proludic’s J2771 Crocodile suitable for children from 4 years old. It includes activities that encourage adventurous imaginative play, gross motor development and social interaction between children. The Crocodile was provided with compact composite panels to ensure the longevity of the structure in the harsh weather conditions. 

An inclusive and accessible play area with unitary surfacing features the musical R34-FIECOCH Xylophone, a Z16-3413 Aussie Animals play puzzle panel, the rotating J2404 Double Inclusive Whirlwind, Z16-0409 Double Bay Swing with three different swing seats, the J2614 Custom Jeep and J859 Custom Rowing Boat Springer with Grafic Games artwork. 

Further sensory play equipment includes sand play equipment with the J5014 Sand Digger and J123 Sieve that stimulate sand play. Balancing skills are encouraged with the J16 Tightrope Circuit and J3501 Rodeoboard, and the J514 Metal Cableway provides fun and unique sensations for everyone !

The local community is thrilled with their new playground, which is a great addition to the recreation facilities in Fitzroy Crossing, and is also enjoyed by visitors travelling through this remote part of Australia !

Designed in collaboration with Proludic, the project was expertly constructed by Active Discovery, a Proludic partner in Western Australia. The implementation of the project is a significant achievement for all concerned, given the remote location of Fitzroy Crossing! Check out the BIG CROC playspace next time your are passing through!

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Fitzroy Crossing Playground – aerial view:

Fitzroy Crossing Playground
Fitzroy Crossing Playground aerial view

Site location:

Fitzroy Crossing map