Article published on 11 February 2022

Our 2022 Proludic Catalogue is available on request and can also be viewed on our website. Take advantage of Proludic’s advice and expertise in play and sports areas, discover more than 40 new products and over 500 products in our Play, Sport & Fitness and Outdoor Furniture ranges.

Exciting new features in our Sport range

Proludic has enhanced our Sport and Fitness ranges in response to the growing need of “Sport for all”. We design inclusive and mixed-gender sport and fitness areas that cater to every generation and we have been working on numerous engaging sports activities for all, that promote physical activity whilst having fun!

  • The Ninja Trails range is designed for children and teens from 6 years. These are “fun sport spaces” inspired by Ninja Warrior TV shows. The goal for the players is to challenge themselves by completing an obstacle course.
  • Proludic’s already acclaimed Street Workout equipment has been engineered to address the current societal challenges: diversity, multigeneration and inclusion. The new designs result from the partnership between Proludic and the World Street Workout & Calisthenics Federation (WSWCF). For example, the grip, the dimensions of the bars and steps have been designed to allow easy and safe use for all.
  • Our Multisports range (Multi-Use Games Areas) now has many complementary game accessories to improve the user experience and make this equipment even more fun and inclusive. The objective is to promote the idea of playful sport where play complements sport and vice versa.

New exclusive creations for play equipment

Discover more products, videos and photos… browse our 2022 Catalogue and find inspiration for your future projects!


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