Article published on 28 September 2023

Ahoy sailors!

Everyone on deck at Kitchener Park in Wynnum, QLD. A great example of creating magical playgrounds with an aquatic-inspired look that invites little explorers to dive into their next play adventure.

Aboard the bespoke Galleon ship (similar product Neptune J1962) a tiny sailor’s dream comes true. There is plenty of room for role play on and below deck and a wealth of play features around the ship. Interactive play panels, different climbing options, a slide, talking tubes, steering wheel, a telescope and much more to explore.

More play

The main play area also features the Calypso riverboat (J2604-GO) and Frankie the fish springer (J821-GO) both in the ‘Océane’ finish. The small riverboat is ideal for toddlers, offering a crawling tunnel and a steering wheel in a setting that is comfortable for the little ones.

There is also an all-time favourite Cableway (flying fox, J514) for little thrill seekers and a classic swing set (J497) that features a cradle seat and a flat seat. Using our Grafic Games ‘Océane’ finish, this playground has been transformed to become part of a magical aquatic world. Wavy lines, bubbles, and shimmering coral and blue colours inspire children’s imaginations while playing.

Everyone can stay!

Parents and carers are looked after with seating and a covered picnic area that provides shade and invites everyone to stay and play. The playground has sun sails to provide shade to little adventurers while they indulge in their play time. Trees and nature surround this play space and logs and stepping stones offer nature-inspired play.

Good design award winning technique

Our award-winning Grafic Games innovation combines artwork with Proludic play equipment bringing playfulness and beauty to every playground. Grafic Games is a decorative technique ideal for bespoke and unique designs that will stand out in any space. It is a great opportunity to embrace local culture and environment as well as bringing real added value and originality to a project. Proludic carries out the whole manufacturing process ensuring high quality of the finish and long-term durability of the play equipment.

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