Sheils Reserve Themed Playground

City: Brunswick, VIC
Country: Australia

Location: Sheils Reserve, 306 Hope Street, Brunswick West, Victoria 3055
Client: Moreland City Council
Age: 1+ years
Year:  2019


Sheils Reserve in Brunswick West has a lovely nature-inspired playground themed around local bird life, insects and plants. The surrounding parkland has been revegetated to increase biodiversity and create habitat for pollinating insects and small birds, particularly the Australian native Blue-banded Bee and Blue Wren. There are four observation areas to assist learning about local biodiversity and record the growth of plants, birds and insects in the park. People visiting the park can use their smartphones to link up to a Communal Database to record and identify the flora and fauna they observe.

Upgrades to the park include new play equipment, a sheltered BBQ area, seating and picnic facilities, an extensive concrete path network and improvements to park entry points – making it safer and more accessible for all.