VIC – Bambini Childcare Centre Hampton

City: Hampton
Country: Australia

Site: Bambini Childcare Centre, 432/436 Bluff Rd, Hampton Victoria 3188

Proludic provided play equipment to the new Bambini Early Learning Centre in Hampton which offers numerous opportunities for motor skills development, sensory experiences and socialisation to children from 2 years old.

The natural look of the Proludic play equipment beautifully integrates the “landscape architect outdoor spaces” of the Childcare centre.

Play equipment:

  • J4933 Origin’ Multi-Play
  • J4930 Origin’ Multi-Play
  • J450 Timber swing set
  • J985 Tree Frog See-saw
  • J2400 Speed Gyro Carousel


Bambini Childcare Centre Hampton

Proludic Origin’ Multi-Play

Bambini Childcare Centre Hampton

Proludic Speed Gyro