Article published on 6 July 2016

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At this year’s Good Design Awards, Proludic takes out honours for our Inclusive Play Areas Guide, and recognition for our GymLudic® and Urbanix Fitness ranges.

One of the longest standing and most prestigious design awards in the world, the Good Design Awards have been promoting excellence in design and innovation since 1958. The Good Design Award® and Good Design® Selection accolades are among the most respected and recognised international design endorsement symbols in the world.

At this year’s awards, we achieved a Good Design Award for our Inclusive Play Areas Guide, a Good Design Selection award for our GymLudic® range, and a Good Design Finalist nomination for our Urbanix Fitness products.

“We are particularly proud of our Good Design Award for our Inclusive Play Areas Guide, and the recognition of our approach of providing our clients with useful and easily accessible tools, and working with them in a collaborative way to achieve well designed playgrounds for children of all abilities,” says Madeleine Walding, Proludic’s Commercial Manager.

View the award winning Proludic’s Inclusive Play Areas Guide online.

INCLUSIVE PLAY AREAS GUIDE – Good Design Award in the category of Social Innovation


The main objective of the Social Innovation Awards category is to recognise the role of design in creating a better society. Good Design Australia defines Social Innovation as: “The creation of something new or the improvement of existing solutions that meet pressing unmet social needs and improve people’s lives.”

Proludic’s award winning Inclusive Play Areas Guide was created to enhance understanding of the specific features and needs of disabled children in play areas, and measures that can be taken to compensate for difference and ensure accessibility for all children.

“The Inclusive Play Areas Guide provides a comprehensive resource for the design community to see how inclusive playgrounds can be implemented for the enjoyment of all children and their families.”

View Proludic’s Good Design entry to learn more about the Inclusive Play Areas Guide HERE.

GYMLUDIC® – Good Design Selection award in the category of Sport & Lifestyle for Product Design


“A Small Box full of Surprises!”

Proludic’s GymLudic® provides a totally new and exciting way for early childhood educators to provide more than 80 motor activities for children’s development and enjoyment. It is a compact and mobile box that is easy to manoeuvre, unfold and assemble. The playfulness of the GymLudic® encourages children to participate, be proactive and eager to learn more. Children can improve their physical, motor, psychomotor, intellectual and social skills over time in a fun and enjoyable way.

View Proludic’s Good Design entry to learn more about GymLudic® HERE

URBANIX FITNESS – Good Design Finalist in the category of Sport & Lifestyle for Product Design


Urbanix Fitness – The Real Outdoor Gym!

Proludic’s Urbanix outdoor fitness range is real gym equipment for use in public parks. At last people of different abilities are able to exercise all of the core muscle groups, as well as undertaking cardio-vascular workouts. The unique design and engineering of the Urbanix patented hydraulic piston enables user controlled resistance for progressive fitness workouts. Urbanix exercise facilities help promote fitness in a fun, safe and engaging way for the whole community.

In 2015 Proludic achieved a Good Design Selection award for its Grafic Games range, we are pleased that our commitment to design and innovation has once again been recognised!

For any further information on these Proludic product ranges please contact us here.


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