Article published on 6 April 2021

Since its introduction, the Kanopé range has constantly evolved to offer new fun functions, always being more innovative with each reincarnation.

Ka’Yop, full of secrets inside and around the tree

Ka’Yop is an enchanted tree that contributes to the happiness of children and adolescents through a multitude of fun and dynamic activities. There are four different varieties of Ka’Yop trees: Ka’Yop Essential, Ka’Yop Inclusive, Ka’Yop Dynamic, and Maxi Ka’yop.
The lower part of the trees focuses on elements of collaborative and inclusive play. Fun panelssound games, climbing nets, mobile seats, rotating game are distributed over the 4 structures. The upper part, with its lush foliage, transforms the tree into a cocoon of greenery within which hides a great wealth of motor and sensory activities.

Once upon a time…

Proludic tells you the enchanted story of Ka’Yop.

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