Article published on 6 April 2021

Proludic’s award-winning, nature-inspired Kanopé range has been expanded with new playful and inclusive “tree” climbing structures perfect for any play environment – introducing the Ka’Yop Trees!

Since its introduction, the Kanopé range has constantly evolved, offering new and ever more innovative play features. Now the Ka’Yop trees have expanded the play possibilities – with different varieties of “tree” designed to meet the needs of different play habitats for all age groups – from very young children to teens!

Ka’Yop, full of secrets inside, outside – everywhere!

Rich in play value the design of the Ka’Yop trees enables adventures to take place throughout the whole play structure – inside, outside – everywhere! Ground level play elements foster inclusion so everyone can play, whilst in the upper branches the more adventurous can explore and test their limits with dynamic activities at different heights.

Plant a Ka’Yop tree in your playground! There are 4 standard varieties of Ka’Yop trees: Ka’Yop Essential, Ka’Yop Inclusive, Ka’Yop Dynamic, and Maxi Ka’yop. Which one will you choose to plant and nurture in your playground?

A modular, sustainable and durable design – create your own Ka’Yop!

The modular design of the Ka’Yop range enables designers to create new species of Ka’Yop trees. Utilise the creativity of the Proludic Design Studio to create even more diversity in your playground! With the equipment made to suit Australian conditions and using sustainably sourced, robust materials that require minimal maintenance and are recyclable, our designers have considered the full product and project lifecycle of every item of Proludic play equipment.

A Ka’Yop in your playspace = 25 native trees planted in Australia!

For each Ka’Yop tree installed in a playground we will make a donation to Carbon Positive Australia on your behalf. Carbon Positive Australia are a registered Australian charity that help combat the impact of climate change by planting trees and native vegetation to provide a carbon sink, restore the landscape and revive biodiversity. You’ll receive a certificate acknowledging your contribution. Together we can create playful areas for children and take positive action for the environment!

Once upon a time…

Proludic tells you the enchanted story of Ka’Yop.

Planning a new project?

To find out more about Ka’Yop trees and their integration into your future playground, contact us:

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