Article published on 17 March 2022

As providers of playgrounds and fitness areas Australia-wide we care deeply about good quality design and the safety of people using recreational spaces. We are all becoming more aware of the potential health issues caused by high levels of heat and UV in the Australian outdoors. We are taking action to learn more about these issues, provide solutions, and advocate for good shade design.

Supporting AILA’s ShadeSmart Program

Proludic Australia are proud to support AILA’s ShadeSmart Program, and invite you to register for the upcoming online free modules now on AILA’s website.

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) is pleased to be a partner with Cancer Council NSW and Cancer Institute NSW in advancing the ‘ShadeSmart’ program. The benefits of the program will lead to multiple positive outcomes for our communities and an investment in future generations. These include supporting healthy communities through a focus on shade to reduce exposure to UV radiation, an increase in exercise in a more comfortable environment and the creation of great places for our community to congregate and socialise in comfort out of the harsh Australian sun. All of these align with the purpose and intent of Landscape Architects and AILA who work ‘to create great places to support healthy communities and a sustainable planet. I commend all parties on the initiative and we look forward to supporting this now and into the future.

Ben Stockwin, AILA CEO

It’s hot out there in the sun!

We all need to take care when playing or exercising outside, and that includes being aware that equipment may become hot in the sun.

In Australia, we adapt Proludic equipment to suit Australian conditions as part of our strategy of providing the best possible solutions for our clients. These adaptations include:

  • Lighter colours
  • Special coatings
  • Alternative materials
Talk to your local Proludic Play and Project Consultant to find our more…


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