WA – Thalanyji Oval Playground, Onslow

City: Onslow
Country: Australia

Site: Thalanyji Oval Playground, Third Avenue, Onslow, Western Australia

Client: Shire of Ashburton

Thalanyji Oval Playground in Onslow, is an inclusively designed playground that provides a diversity of play equipment and activities for children of all abilities. The location of the playground in Onslow, a coastal town in the Pilbara region in the north of Western Australia gave an opportunity to design a playground with an ocean theme.

The playground is divided in two zones “the ocean and the land” marked by a choice of play elements, colour codes and surfacing consistent with their own world.

In the “ocean zone”, Proludic’s Tug Boat, Frankie the Fish, Seahorse and Boat Springers encourage imaginative play and story-telling around the theme of water for children from 2 years old. More equipment includes the Inclusive Accessible Carousel, Double-Bay Swings, a Balancing and Climbing unit, Talk Tubes…

The “land zone”, adjacent to the ocean zone, consists of a sand play area with the inclusive Proludic Sand Factory that replicates the experience of playing on the beach. Play equipment along the pathway includes the Rainbow Harp, Four in Row Play Panel and the other end of the Talk Tubes allowing children to communicate between the land and the ocean worlds.

The installation of pathways and accessible safety surfacing have been carefully considered to allow for easy access to the play equipment, and to provide a safe and comfortable place for everyone to play and relax together.

Onslow Playspace

Frankie the Fish Springer, Talk Tubes, Seahorse Springer, Tug Boat, Swings, Jeep


Onslow Playspace

Sand Factory, Swings with Pod, standard and toddler seats, Tug Boat


Onslow Playspace

Balancing and Climbing unit, Jeep, Inclusive Accessible Carousel, Boat Springer, Tug Boat


Onslow Playspace

Boat Springer, Frankie the Fish Springer, Tug Boat, Inclusive Accessible Carousel, Jeep


Onslow Playspace

Four in a Row Play Panel, accessible pathway

Proludic Play equipment:

  • J1958 Tug Boat Multi-Play unit (with steel posts)
  • J1664-M Balancing and Climbing unit
  • J2409 Inclusive Accessible Carousel
  • J5001-M Custom Sand Factory (Metal version)
  • J3410 Tubophone (talk tubes)
  • J821-GA Frankie the Fish Springer with Amazone Grafic Games
  • J859 Boat Springer
  • J854 Seahorse Springer
  • J2614 Jeep
  • J496 Metal Double Bay Swing with Pod seat, standard and toddler seats
  • R34-FIECOCH Rainbow Harp
  • R34-FIROW3 Four in a Row Play Panel

The whole project works included civil works, services run in, fencing, refrigerated drinking fountain, pathways, park furniture, PlayMatta Safety Surfacing and Synthetic turf supply and installation.