WA – North Coogee Bespoke Playground

City: Cockburn
Country: Australia


This custom-designed playground at North Coogee near Fremantle was inspired by the iconic SS Wyola steam tug boat that was built for the Swan River Shipping Company in the early 20th Century. The Proludic “tug boat” is located adjacent to the buried remains of SS Wyola shipwreck at CY O’Connor Beach. The playground design encourages group imaginative play activities, with children and parents often playing together.

Location: North Coogee, Rollinson Road, North Coogee, WA

Client: City of Cockburn

Proludic play equipment:

  • Z17-2702 Custom Keo Bow and Stern – oak and charcoal coloured compact composite panels
  • Z17-2703 Custom Captain’s Cabin – oak and charcoal coloured compact composite panels
  • J441SP Custom Pod Swing with chimney stack posts
  • G1902SP Custom Nautical Fence
  • J5014 Sand Digger
North Coogee SS Wyola Tug Boat Playground

SS Wyola Play Replica