Lennox Reserve Playground

City: Secret Habour, WA
Country: Australia

Location: Lennox Reserve Playground, Lennox Drive, Secret Harbour, WA 6173
Client: City of Rockingham
Age : 2+ years
Year: 2018

Lennox Reserve Playground provides a great variety of play opportunities for all ages. Older children love the new IXO unit which challenges the most skilled monkeys to climb to the top of the great arch, take on the challenge of the speed slide or ride the spinning Gyro. The custom-designed Aquatica Sand Play unit is very popular for younger children working busily together to haul sand to the top platforms and pour down the chutes to their workmates below. The Pod Swing is a favourite for all ages from Dad and bub gently swinging as they lay and watch the clouds float by, to a small group of energetic 10 year olds seeing how high they can go!

This is a great new play space for the City of Rockingham and it is a big hit with the local community!



Lennox Reserve Play Space

Lennox Reserve Play Space