NSW – Ernest Grant Park Outdoor Fitness Zones Thurgoona

City: Albury
Country: Australia

Site address: Ernest Grant Park, 74 Bogong Street, Thurgoona NSW 2640
Client: Albury City Council
Age Range: from 14 years old
Opened: December 2020

Everyone can exercise at the Thurgoona Outdoor Fitness Zones in Ernest Grant Park!

Following positive feedback from the community and high usage of the Proludic outdoor fitness equipment already installed at Noreuil Park and East Albury, Albury City Council decided to undertake a similar project in Thurgoona. Proludic was engaged by Council to design and deliver the project from start to finish!

The objective of the Thurgoona Outdoor Fitness Zones is to encourage the local community to be more active by providing freely accessible exercise facilities that can be used by everyone. The three zones are located around the perimeter of the oval and feature different types of inclusive fitness equipment from the Proludic range to meet the needs of different users.

Fitness zone 1: All Abilities Fitness Zone

Our new Inclusive Street Workout (J5213) caters for all abilities with wheelchair accessible fitness elements. It provides a range of fitness exercises designed to help people develop their strength, endurance, balance and flexibility with the use of their own body weight. It also provides calisthenics training opportunities.


Fitness zone 2: Cardio and Strength Fitness Zone

This zone allows people to work on upper body strength with our new Street Workout (J5215). It also features our award-winning, inclusive wheelchair accessible inground Trampoline (R34-ETP-500) providing a cardio, core strength and balance workout. View our Trampoline for fitness video.


Fitness zone 3: Dynamic Fitness Zone

The dynamic Urbanix Fitness equipment with its new charging feature allows people to generate electricity while working out and provides a great cardio workout with controlled resistance adjustmentThe units with charger include the Recumbent Bike (R37-UBX-288C), Arm Bike (R37-UBX-287C) and Elliptical Cross Trainer (R37-UBX-203C).

Other Urbanix Fitness equipment includes the Plyo Platforms (R37-UBX-227) to undertake various exercises, for example: jumps, step ups, elevated push ups, elevated knee touches and split squats. The Shoulder Wheel (R37-UBX-286) helps to increase mobility and flexibility in the shoulders and arms as well as relieving pain.

Each fitness zone also includes a shade sail covering the equipment as well as soft fall rubber under surfacing. A linking path is also to be constructed between the three zones. This project received funding under The Stronger Country Communities Fund (SCCF).

Providing quality public open spaces that are safe, friendly and inclusive can be beneficial for both mental and physical health. Combined with the appropriate supporting infrastructure, it can encourage people to do regular physical activity and help further improve overall health and wellbeing.View more about the project on the Council’s website.

Watch our video below: