Laburnum Lot Playground

City: Blackburn, VIC
Country: Australia

Location: Laburnum Lot Playground, 1A Hillside Cres, Blackburn, Victoria 3130
Client: Whitehorse City Council
Age: 2+ years
Year:  2021


Nestled amongst trees along the train corridor, this neighbourhood playground at Laburnum Lot provides fun and challenging play experiences to a wide range of children, with a focus on younger children. Designed and built by Proludic, the upgrade takes into account the existing character of the landscape and the sloping topography of the site.

The play equipment features two Multiplay structures from Proludic’s award-winning, nature-inspired Kanopé range with carefully graded climbing and balancing challenges. A variety of swings, the rotating Speed Gyro and rocking Snake Springer stimulate movement and feelings of excitement! Nature play elements and planting complement the design, providing a wonderful space for the local community.

Watch the Laburnum Lot Play Space in action: