Buln Buln Primary School Playground

City: Buln Buln, VIC
Country: Australia

Location: Buln Buln Primary School, 15 Old Sale Road, Buln Buln, Victoria 3821
Client: Buln Buln Primary School
Age: from 2 to 12 years
Year:  2019


Buln Buln Primary School received funding from the Inclusive Schools Fund to “build an inclusive outdoor learning space with active and passive zones”. Proludic was approached by the School and worked in collaboration with the nominated Architect to provide play equipment to the active area that supports “growth and development in balance, climbing, strength and social interaction” to the school’s older students.

The play equipment we provided is designed to move children without them even realising! Our Ixo Senior Multiplay (J2586), Senior Climbing Cube (J1608 ) and Kanopé Diamond Climbing Net (J57001) provide physical activity, climbing, balancing and socialisation to older children from 5 years old. A Vivarea Junior Multiplay (J3358) was included in the playground thanks to the School’s own funds, it offers a variety of stimulating play activities for children aged 3 to 8 years.