Anthony Reserve Playground

City: Manningham, VIC
Country: Australia

Location: Anthony Avenue Reserve, 26 Madeleine Street, Doncaster Victoria 3108
Client: Manningham City Council
Age: 2+ years 
Year: 2020


The client desired to replace the existing playground at Anthony Reserve with new and enhanced play equipment as well as associated landscaping to meet the needs of the local community.

The junior play space features a Proludic Diabolo Adventure Multiplay (J38503) that caters for younger children from 2 to 8 years and utilises nature-inpsired themes, colours and materials. The Multiplay unit provides climbing, sliding, interactive and imaginative play opportunities. The numerous manipulative features encourage children to explore the senses of sight, sound and touch and to develop the concepts of logic and consequences. Other play equipment includes a swing set and a small climbing unit.

Adjacent to the junior play space, along the reserve and connected by the path network, there is a Proludic IXO Senior Multiplay  (J2535-M) to challenge older children from 6 years and over.  Its contemporary, transparent curving design fits well into the surrounding environment. The unit offers great opportunities for climbing, sliding, swaying, agility and balance in a creative way as well as opportunities for social interaction.